Engineering and Technical Support

Diamond Mold offers engineering experience applicable to virtually any application. Our engineering staff have experience in carbon fiber product design and fabrication, tool manufacturing, biotech and biosciences products, medical devices, consumer product development, and more. From projects requires tooling, fixture design, or finite element analysis, Diamond Mold equips you with the engineering support you need.

Engineering services are enhanced by use of SolidWorks® 3-D CAD modeling software and associated COSMOSWorks® FEA.

Eng 1SolidWorks® drawing file used for the production
of injection mold inserts
Stress analysis tool used during component
design process


Laser Marking

Laser Marking and Laser Etching

Diamond Mold offers laser marking services with our Universal Laser Systems V-460. The system is equipped with a 60 Watt Laser and has a large capacity 24"x18" horizontal work area. A high torque rotary fixture also allows for Laser marking around cylindrical surfaces including tapered components.

In conjunction with Corel Draw, the V-460 Platform is capable of converting a wide variety of file formats into artwork files suitable for Laser marking. With precise control of the Laser power and speed, the V-460 can mark or etch materials many materials including steels, aluminums, plastics, leather, paper products, and more.




Software Tools for Design and Fabrication

Diamond Mold uses the latest releases of software packages for computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), and computer-aided engineering (CAE). These tools enable mechanical design and CNC work in a virtual environment prior to physically machining parts. Additional software used in conjunction with these CAD/CAM packages expands mechanical design capabilities such as COSMOSWorks® finite element analysis (FEA).

cad 1

cad 2