Tools, Fixtures, Jigs, Production Equipment: For over 30 years, medical device and aerospace businesses have teamed with Diamond Mold to solve the challenge of producing critical tool and fixture assemblies that must meet specification the first time. We excel in these fields and thrive on satisfying our customers with timely delivery of crucial applications.




EDM, Injection Molds, Tooling, Swiss Turning, CNC Milling: Diamond Mold offers the highest quality machining via state of the art software and equipment. Combined with decades of staff experience, our EDM and CNC equipment provides customers with Class 101 injection molds, precision components, and innovative tooling and fixtures for increased productivity.



Injection molds

Diamond Mold offers a range of tooling from Class 101 molds in hardened steel  that will withstand one million part cycles, to less expensive prototype molds in P20 or 7075 aluminum. We specialize in very small and intricate parts that are often molded using MUD inserts (Master Unit Dies). For larger parts with multiple configurations we often design interchangeable inserts than can help reduce up-front tooling costs even further.


For 35 years Diamond Mold has specialized in precision medical and aerospace machining with emphasis on tooling, R&D and production parts.  We provide multi-axis milling, CNC lathe and EDM. Materials worked with include tool steels, stainless steel, aluminum, plastics and composites. 

We are ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100 Rev D certified and ITAR registered.